Cyber and Risk


Constantly feel like you are fighting fires, not knowing how to protect your people, assets and business? Do you know how well your business partners store and process your data?  Security has been consistently identified as a top 2 risk for Boards and professional services firms. 

We bring deep expertise in cyber and business resilience, with a particular focus on:

  • defining and tracking an actionable security strategy that protects your people, assets and business reputation
  • assessing supply chain risk, and defining a robust framework to manage security and information processing risks associated with outsourced services
  • helping you proactively and positively engage industry regulators
  • Helping you understand how industry standards impact you such as GDPR, CPS234, CPS321, PCI and HIPAA
  • human factors development, to ensure your teams feel equipped to deal with security issues
  • security architecture
  • developing stakeholders understanding of key security and business resilience issues, and appropriate controls to mitigate them
  • identifying the right set of specialist security partners to compliment your team
With over 15 years in senior security roles, including 5 years as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of a regulated financial services organisation, we can help you achieve real results that genuinely improve your security posture, and not just tick a compliance box.

Certifications: CISMCGEITISO27001, ISO31000, ISO22301