Business improvement and applied technology

make technology work for you

With the ever increasing array of technology available to businesses, it is difficult to know when and where to make the right investment. Should you ‘move to cloud’ or pursue ‘robotic process automation’, or have you heard machine learning and blockchain may help your business? Perhaps more front of mind, how might these technologies impact the revenue of your business and the service your customers receive? 

We bring over 20 years of technology experience, and starting with a base of LEAN process improvement, we focus on helping firms, like yours, make the right investments, to ensure a meaningful impact to your business. Because we use LEAN, we pay attention to the efficiency of your operation, as well as the value and experience your customer receives. More importantly, we look beyond just the technology, and only apply technology where it will impact one of these areas.

We bring focus to:

  • by using human centred design, LEAN Voice of the Customer (VoC) and other methods, we help you make the right decisions to improve your business bottom line from ‘contact to cash’, whilst ensuring customers continue to be delighted by your service
  • the technology supply chain, and whether a service or capability should be kept in house or handled by a partner
  • ways of working and cultural change through LEAN, Agile, and DevOps deployment
  • value proposition and business model assessment
  • emerging technology advisory including experience in automation, distributed ledger and 
  • helping you identify the right partners to compliment the skills of your team, whilst remaining focused on your business 
Qualifications and Certifications: Bachelor of Business (eCommerce, IT Management), MBA, Human Centred Design, CGEITAWS, LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt, AGSM Operational Leadership Development Program